International Womens Day – Part 2

To mark International Womens Day, This Life Cambodia held events in two communities where we operate This Life in Community – a program that promotes the protection of childrens rights and helps communities support children and families who are at risk of separation. 

Working with students from the lower secondary schools our team oversaw the creation of a question and answer style performance, focused on learning and sharing insights about womens rights. You can read more about the events in the following post.  After the performance, we interviewed some participants and attendees to hear their thoughts about the event, (their photos are below):

  • Hou Phat, Member of the Commune Committee for Women and Children, age 36:

“Today I was really happy and proud of myself that in my commune we celebrate women rights day today because when I become a women’s focal point in Kean Sangkae we never celebrated womens right day before but this year and last year we have opportunity to celebrate women right day in our commune supported by TLC.  It makes me happy because my community can come to join with this event and they learn and understand more about women’s rights and child rights.” 

  • Srey Son, student performer, aged 17

“I participated because when I play with this performance, it’s mean I can help society and show that women have their own rights the same as men and it is a good experience for me.  I feel proud of myself that I play the role as a leader that can share my knowledge to young generation and my friends.  It was the best experience to share our knowledge to communities about the meaning of women rights.”

  •  Kea Sreynich, student performer, aged 16

“I think it is good to share knowledge to the community because they can inform to someone that not yet understand about women’s rights and it can help to increase and develop in my country and community in the future.  The old mindset they think women in the past can’t do anything and compare with the women right day today show that women can do everything the same as man.”

  • Mak Reing, audience member, age 38  

“Women is the mother of the world and women can get involved to develop the country.”

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