This Life Without Violence

          This Life Without Violence team started the program by consulting with communities.  We listened to and learned about their  concerns and challenges with domestic violence.  This helps us to understand how we can best support community members in addressing this endemic social issue. Keo Narath,  Program Coordinator


For the last twelve years we have asked Cambodian communities about the most serious challenges they faced, and domestic violence has always been one of the three things they were most concerned about. This is no surprise. One in three Cambodian men admits to having used violence against a partner in the past, indicating the scale of the problem. Of those women who experience violence, just 24% seek any help, perhaps because a shockingly low 8% of Cambodians are even aware that domestic violence is a crime. 

We know that this violence blights whole families and prevents whole communities from progressing as far as they could, so we work with community leaders and local authorities, including police, so that they are ready to assist those families dealing with violence. We also provide case management support and run support groups, all while making an impact at a national level, reaching 4 million Cambodians with our social media driven campaigns to raise awareness of the law on violence.

We know that working together is the only way we will end this global problem.


What is the aim of the program?


To reduce the incidence of violence against women and children in Cambodia and its destructive impact on women, girls, children, families and communities.


What activities do we run?



What are the program outcomes?



The program had its roots in research we conducted in 2014: Community Views on Violence Against Women in Chi Kraeng Commune . Both social and economic factors, like drug & alcohol misuse, gambling and poverty together with gender inequality and gender norms, were viewed as the primary risk factors contributing to domestic violence. Following on from the research we piloted “Community Responses to Violence Against Women and Children”, in 2016.

  • 20% of women report experiencing domestic violence in Cambodia
  • 33% of ever  partnered men in Cambodia have perpetrated physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence against women
  • 50% of Cambodia’s children experience at least one form of violence before the age of 18

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